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Sunday, October 31, 2010

NBA Fantasy 2010 – 11 Player Review: Evan Turner

Everyone is talking about John Wall, the first pick in the 2010 – 2011 draft pick. But what fantasy players don’t realize is that the second pick of the Philadelphia 76ers is making his own noise in the 76ers team. Yes he is not that productive in points and assists compared to the first draft pick but he is showing that he is competitive just like the other rookies that came into the NBA. If you try to look at his built and his athleticism, it may take him a few months to be someone like Danny Granger or Scottie Pippen.

He is still adjusting from the game he used to play in college but when it comes to leaping ability and agility, he can cope up with the NBA style of playing in no time. Here are his stats from his first 3 games.

@Miami – 16 points | 7 Rebounds | 4 Assists | 1 Block
@Atlanta – 2 Rebounds | 4 Assists | 1 Block
@Indiana – 9 Points | 7 Rebounds | 2 Assists

He got these stats within 24 minutes or less so it’s not bad for a rookie like him. He can contribute points and he can rebound and at the same time block shots. In the first 2 games he also dished 4 assists so if you sum it all it is not really that bad.

NBA Fantasy Review Projection Stats for Evan Turner (2010 – 11 Season)
**This would be his stats by the end of the year 2010**
13.5 pts/g | 6 rebs/g | 4 asts/g | 1 blk/g

Hopefully his coach would give him around 25 – 30 playing minutes per game so that he can attain this projected stats. So if you have Evan Turner in your NBA Fantasy roster this rookie is a keeper. And if someone would offer you a trade, they should offer you with someone that can provide at least 14 points per game, 5 rebounds per game and 3 assists per game. And remember that he is still a rookie so you don’t have to worry about any injuries in the near future. Maybe Evan Turner needs to be more active in the court and involve himself in every play.

NBA Fantasy 2010 – 11 Player Review: Monta Ellis

Yahoo Sports Point Guard ranking only ranked Monta Ellis number 10 in this list. I had Monta Ellis in my roster last NBA Fantasy season and I believe he helped me in a lot of stat categories. Points, FT percentage, Steals, Assists and Rebounds. He may not have that much assists as Rondo, Kidd and Nash but if you will try to look at the style of NBA Fantasy League you don’t need that much assists from a single player.

If you will review his last season’s average you will notice that he excelled in Points per game, assists per game, Steals per game and Rebounds per game.

Monta Ellis (2009 – 2010 Season)
41.4 mins/g | 75.3 FT percentage | 4 Rebs/g | 5.3 asts/g | 2.2 stls/g | 25.5 pts/g

If you have a point guard in your roster that can provide you with 26 points per game, 4 rebounds per game and 2 steals per game that is a hard point guard to find. And if you think he is slowing down this season well you are having the wrong mentality. He may be banged up in the last few weeks of the 2009 – 2010 season but he still tried to get in the court and provide precious stats. When it comes to Monta’s assists this season (2010 – 11) you will expect it to go high since David Lee is now acquired by Golden State Warriors.

NBA Fantasy Review Projection stats for Monta Ellis (2010 – 11 Season)
38 mins/g | 2.5 3PM/g | 4.5 rebs/g | 6.5 asts/g | 2.5 stls/g | 27 pts/g

He will probably increase in the number of 3 pointers made per game since he will have a lot of opportunity shooting those 3’s. He won’t hesitate to shoot since he knows that their team can control the boards. If you look at Monta Ellis, you will be reminded on Dwyane Wade’s stats. If you will compare, their stats are not that far from each other. And when it comes to health, Ellis’ health is better than Wade since he played more games than Wade last season. And if you will check the 2010 – 11 pre-season, Wade only played 3 minutes because of a pulled hamstring.

Monta Ellis (2009 – 2010 Season)
75.3 FT percentage | 4 Rebs/g | 5.3 asts/g | 2.2 stls/g | 25.5 pts/g
Dwyane Wade (2009 – 2010 Season)
76.1 FT percentage | 4.8 Rebs/g | 6.5 asts/g | 1.8 stls/g | 26.6 pts/g

If you don’t believe in this player review, well the stat comparison above will tell the whole story.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 27 – 28 My NBA Fantasy Team Winning Streak

Only 2 days have passed since the start of the NBA and the NBA Fantasy League. And to tell you honestly, that is the hardest part of the game to win in an NBA Fantasy game since players will be unpredictable. But in my case I did a lot of player review and it seems to be successful. I never imagined that when I gambled to trade Tony Parker for Robin Lopez that I would get a very good start.

You will see in the attached photos my 2 game winning streak wherein both games have the score of 7 – 1 – 0. My team is San Andreas Shooters by the way. 

You will notice that he only won in the field of Field Goal Percentage and the rest of the stats; he only came close in the 3 pointers made. You will notice in my roster that my team is not a 3 point shooting team but I got players that can somehow contribute to that stat field.

As you can see in the second game, there is only a slight change since my team and the opponent’s team both have 2 players playing for that day. But you will notice that he didn’t even come close in the other stat categories.

This is my roster for the season 2010 – 2011. You will notice that I have only 4 explosive players and the rest are not that explosive. I will be doing some trades in the coming days since Udonis Haslem is showing a slow start. And another thing is that the team he is in right now (Miami Heat) has too much talent so his stats would really go down for the rest of the season.

Friday, October 29, 2010

NBA Fantasy 2010 -11: The Dream Roster

PG – Derrick Rose (Listed top player for www.nba-fantasy-review.blogspot.com)
SG – Monte Ellis
SF – Kevin Durant (Listed top player for www.nba-fantasy-review.blogspot.com)
PF – Josh Smith
C – Dwight Howard (Listed top player for www.nba-fantasy-review.blogspot.com)

G – Evan Turner
F – Thaddeus Young
C – Chris Kaman (PR 100 percent)
Utility – Eddie House
Utility – Rasul Butler

Bench 1 – Lamar Odom
Bench 2 – Sam Young
Bench 3 – Andris Biedrins

If you can get this roster it would be a one hell of a roster for you. You will be able to win every stat that you need to win. There are alternatives for each position but this is the best that you can produce. If you cannot obtain this type of roster, just find a different player that have the same consistency and close to the stats that the player have.

Points: Derrick Rose, Monte Ellis, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard and Chris Kaman.
Rebounds: Kevin Durant, Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, Chris Kaman, Lamar Odom and Andris Biedrins.
Assists: Derrick Rose, Monte Ellis and Evan Turner.
Steals: Derrick Rose, Monte Ellis, Josh Smith and Rasul Butler
Blocks: Kevin Durant, Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, Chris Kaman, Lamar Odom and Andris Biedrins.
**Underlined players are the players that have the best performance in that stat**
What makes this Roster efficient for NBA Fantasy League?
All of the players in the roster contribute to at least 3 or 4 in the stat points. That is really important in a league since it is the basis of winning and losing. When it comes to trading, you can trade a high ranking player to a medium ranking player if the medium ranking player contribute to 3 or 4 stat points (Ex: 14 PPG, 2 Steals per game and 6 assists per game.)

What are the other factors to look at?
You should also check for the player if he is failing in 2 or more stats. If a player averages 17 points per game, 8 rebounds per game and 4 assists per game you will think that this is a good player to add. But if you look at his FG percentage which is 32 FG percentage and his Free Throw percentage which is 49 percent, you should think twice. But if your team is doing well in FT percentage, you can still gamble for the trade.

Another thing you can check is the players rating within 15 days (PR15). This will also give you a hint if the player is improving or failing. You should check this weekly because there are other players that change of shifts their body conditioning every week. If they can maintain a high RP for 2 weeks or more, that player is a keeper. 

NBA Fantasy 2010 – 11 Inconsistent Players

Ray Allen
I had Ray Allen in my team last season and I got disappointed. Good thing I was able to trade him with Steve Nash. There was a time last season when I needed at least 2 3 pointers made, 2 points and 1 assist. I was expecting that I would get that from Ray Allen but because of his inconsistent performance I didn’t get that. This player is awesome but he needs to be more consistent when it comes to stats.

Chris Paul
The reason why this player is inconsistent is because of his injury. I also had him in my roster last year but I had to drop him because he was injured most of the time. Hopefully this season he would perform well but as you can see in the news about him he is not yet 100 percent.

Steve Nash
It’s the same deal as Chris Paul; his reason for inconsistency is injury. There were games last season that he still played even he was listed as DTD. He only dished around 3 assists ands had 7 points which is not productive for NBA Fantasy league. It could be said that he would still be inconsistent this year because of his injury and age.

Dwyane Wade
He only played 3 minutes in the pre-season which is a clear sign of injury. But with his first 2 games it was only in the second game this season that he made a good start. But now that they have Lebron James and Chris Bosh in their line-up they might take a bit of the load from Wade which will make his stats go lower.

Danny Granger
An impressive player on the court but he is not that consistent. He can drop 30 points in a game and just make like 8 to 10 points in the next game. He also had some injury issue so when it comes to consistency you cannot rely on Danny Granger.

Carlos Boozer
They said that he like Karl Malone but the only difference is injury. Boozer suffered from an injury last season which pulled down his stats. This season hopefully he would be free from injury because that is the only thing that is pulling down his stats. If he would be healthy half way of the season, keep him in your line-up.

Yao Ming
In the first game that they played this season, signs of injury are already showing. So if you need some Rebounds, Blocks and Points in your team don’t pick Yao because he might not be able to get his stats from this season due to injury.

NBA Fantasy 2010 – 2011 Must Pick Players

Kevin Durant
If you watched the FIBA world cup you will see the best of Kevin Durant. He led the USA team into the championship with very impressive stats. An NBA fantasy game is practically all about stats. That is why if you will have Kevin Durant in your line-up he will help you in FG percentage, FT percentage, Points, Rebounds, Assists and Steals. He may not be that big help in assists but he might also help in blocks in some games.

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant is one of the toughest players in the NBA so don’t worry about his DTD (Day to Day) status because even though he is slightly injured he still gives his 100 percent in the games he play. If you have Kobe Bryant in your NBA fantasy team I will assure you that he will be able to give you quality stats. Kobe improves every year that is why you will not only rely on his points but he can grab at least 6 – 7 rebounds per game and dish out 5 – 6 assists per game.

Lebron James
Now that he is in the Miami Heat team you will see more of Lebron James. He will not only dominate in points but he will also have the opportunity to dish out more assists since he is teamed up with Wade and Bosh. Don’t worry about rebounds and blocks because Lebron could be said as the most athletic player in the NBA today so he would have another 7 rebound average and at least 1 – 2 blocks per game.

Dwight Howard
The most dominant center in the NBA today will assure you of double-double every game. He might also improve in assists stats since during the off-season and pre-season, Howard made it sure that he will involve Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis in the circulation.

Derrick Rose
If you are looking for a complete package of a point-guard you should pick Derrick Rose. When it comes to stats, he has the most impressive stats among the point-guards in the NBA. It is true the Rondo is the most improved point-guard but if you are after stats it is better to choose Rose over Rondo.

Dirk Nowitzki
In his age Nowitzki didn’t change a bit in his game. As a matter of fact he still improved slightly. He can provide you with good stats when it comes to points, FG percentage, FT percentage, Rebounds, Assists and Blocks.

If you have the chance to get one of these players it will help you a lot in stats. But make sure that you will have a back-up player that will boost your stats if you have one of these players. In my NBA fantasy team last year I didn’t have any of these players in my team but I made sure that I had an alternative player that can fill in each stat that I need to improve.

The alternate players I used last year:

Dwight Howard – Chris Kaman
Dirk Nowitzki – Josh Smith
Derrick Rose – Steve Nash and Chauncey Billups
Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant – Monte Ellis
Lebron James – Danilo Gallinari

How does NBA Fantasy Game Work?

Just like the real NBA games, in this fantasy game you will need a line up or 13 players to start playing. In this game you will not choose an NBA team but you will make your own team with your own team name. Your line up or players will come from different teams in the NBA. There will be a schedule draft date and it is important that you will be able to attend this draft. But if you are too busy, auto-pick will also work. But during the fantasy season you will do a lot of work by trading, picking and dropping players.

When you already have your line up in your team that is when the NBA fantasy game will start. You will fight for the championship with other players. If you are wondering how you will win, it is not the same as the real NBA games. You will be able to win if your total stats which consist of field goal percentage, free throw percentage, 3-point percentage, steals, assists, rebounds, blocks and points. If in a certain day you have the higher stats against your opponent, you will win the game of that day.

In this type of online NBA game, you will be able to put Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony in one team. But to be able to do that, you will have to do trades and certain strategies.

What are the other features of NBA Fantasy Games?

In this game you will also be able to talk with other players and make deals. Or you can also make your own game plan on whom will you play and who will you not play. If you think that you will not be able to watch your favorite NBA games you can still watch them. The result of your games will be done if all the NBA games will be done for that day.

You can also customize your own design of uniform and customize your starting five everyday. There is also a live pod cast button wherein you can watch your game against different teams. This game is practically so true that you will play as the team’s manager and coach. The only difference is that you will have to rely on the real games and individual player performance to be able to win the championship.

To start playing NBA Fantasy game, visit ESPN.com or NBA.com

2010 - 2011 NBA Fantasy Review

A common hobby of NBA fans is playing the online NBA fantasy game. It is not that easy to win this type of online game since you have to review thoroughly all the stats and progress of each player. This blog is created to help you minimize the review and monitoring aspect of playing NBA fantasy games. Having your own team will be effective if you will know all the important stats and avoiding reading long articles about individual players and teams. In this blog you will simply find what to do and what to change in your line-up.

You will also find in this blog the top pick, not to pick, striving players, injured players, most improve players and many more. All the statistics that could be found in this blog is accurate which is based on the statistics seen on NBA.com and ESPN.com. You can also find here different strategies and techniques used by NBA fantasy champions. To sum it all, this is your complete guide and review for your online NBA games.

IF you are not yet familiar with the online NBA games that I am talking about, you can visit www.ESPN.com to see the different types of online NBA fantasy games. So if you are a NBA addict and you want to feel first hand on which players to pick, try out these games and get your latest reviews here FOR FREE.

Welcome to your personal NBA Fantasy review and good luck with your own NBA Fantasy Team.