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Friday, October 29, 2010

NBA Fantasy 2010 -11: The Dream Roster

PG – Derrick Rose (Listed top player for www.nba-fantasy-review.blogspot.com)
SG – Monte Ellis
SF – Kevin Durant (Listed top player for www.nba-fantasy-review.blogspot.com)
PF – Josh Smith
C – Dwight Howard (Listed top player for www.nba-fantasy-review.blogspot.com)

G – Evan Turner
F – Thaddeus Young
C – Chris Kaman (PR 100 percent)
Utility – Eddie House
Utility – Rasul Butler

Bench 1 – Lamar Odom
Bench 2 – Sam Young
Bench 3 – Andris Biedrins

If you can get this roster it would be a one hell of a roster for you. You will be able to win every stat that you need to win. There are alternatives for each position but this is the best that you can produce. If you cannot obtain this type of roster, just find a different player that have the same consistency and close to the stats that the player have.

Points: Derrick Rose, Monte Ellis, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard and Chris Kaman.
Rebounds: Kevin Durant, Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, Chris Kaman, Lamar Odom and Andris Biedrins.
Assists: Derrick Rose, Monte Ellis and Evan Turner.
Steals: Derrick Rose, Monte Ellis, Josh Smith and Rasul Butler
Blocks: Kevin Durant, Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, Chris Kaman, Lamar Odom and Andris Biedrins.
**Underlined players are the players that have the best performance in that stat**
What makes this Roster efficient for NBA Fantasy League?
All of the players in the roster contribute to at least 3 or 4 in the stat points. That is really important in a league since it is the basis of winning and losing. When it comes to trading, you can trade a high ranking player to a medium ranking player if the medium ranking player contribute to 3 or 4 stat points (Ex: 14 PPG, 2 Steals per game and 6 assists per game.)

What are the other factors to look at?
You should also check for the player if he is failing in 2 or more stats. If a player averages 17 points per game, 8 rebounds per game and 4 assists per game you will think that this is a good player to add. But if you look at his FG percentage which is 32 FG percentage and his Free Throw percentage which is 49 percent, you should think twice. But if your team is doing well in FT percentage, you can still gamble for the trade.

Another thing you can check is the players rating within 15 days (PR15). This will also give you a hint if the player is improving or failing. You should check this weekly because there are other players that change of shifts their body conditioning every week. If they can maintain a high RP for 2 weeks or more, that player is a keeper. 


  1. Post your own Dream Roster so we can see what is the real Dream Roster of the NBA Fantasy League.

  2. I had the following players in my Champion team last year.
    Monte Ellis, Josh Smith and Chris Kaman.

    Trust me, they contributed a lot especially Monte Ellis.