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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NBA Fantasy Review is Back on Track

There have been a lot of trades, injury reports, retirement and development of players. However, for NBA fantasy players the only thing that is important is the individual performance of NBA players. This coming 2012 – 2013 season, there will be a lot of turnaround when it comes to players. The reason behind this is that the development of each player rises so fast that it will become harder to pick your NBA fantasy line-up. To give you a brief preview on player reviews and statistics, here are some players that you need to take a close look at. 

James Harden 

The defending sixth man of the NBA will give you a lot of help when it comes to statistics. Consistency is not an issue with him since even though he would have off nights he will still be able to contribute a lot for your NBA fantasy team. 

Anthony Davis

The only rookie that made it to the USA Dream Team and definitely he earned his position. This means that he will give a strong impact to NBA games wherein he could dominate in Points, Rebounds and even Blocked Shots. His consistency is still questionable but if you watched the USA Basketball tournament, he really showed what he is capable of. 

Kawhi Leonard

He is a very strong player that can contribute to a lot of aspects in the game. He can play offense and he can also play defense. With the aging trio in San Antonio, he will have more playing time and this will allow him to show his skills as a basketball player in the court. With this opportunity given to him, this will also become an advantage to NBA fantasy teams wherein he can help your team in both offensive and defensive statistics. 

These are only some of the players you should keep an eye on. A lot of player reviews, statistics will be posted soon especially when the 2012 – 2013 season starts.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

NBA Fantasy Review 2010 – 11 Best Player Poll Result

After conducting a poll on who is the most dominant NBA player in the NBA for the season 2010 – 11, the result is finalized. There are a lot of good and great players in the NBA. But if you want to win an NBA fantasy game you need the best players on your side. The result of the poll is in line with people who visit this blog and vote for who they think is the most dominant NBA player in the 2010 – 11 season. The candidates were limited to 5 players. And here is the result of the most dominant player for the season 2010 – 11.

  1. Kobe Bryant
  2. LeBron James
  3. Kevin Durant
  4. Carmelo Anthony
  5. Dwyane Wade

But comparing it with ESPN’s player rating it is far different. Here is the result for the player rating of ESPN.

  1. Kevin Durant (#6)
  2. LeBron James (#7)
  3. Dwyane Wade (#18)
  4. Kobe Bryant  (#19)
  5. Carmelo Anthony (#71)

And here is the top 5 for ESPN’s player rater until January 22, 2011

  1. Chris Paul
  2. Pau Gasol
  3. Amare Stoudamire
  4. Deron Williams
  5. Kevin Love

No matter which type of poll or rating you will choose, the listed names above will surely give you a good contribution in your fantasy team. What is the use of this? At least you will have a sneak preview for the next season on whom to put on your top list. All of these players listed above are still young. So you don’t have to worry that they may have an awful or bad season next year.

It is always important to have a superstar in your NBA fantasy team. The main reason for it is that, they can boost your game stats easily. And not only that, they will be able to contribute in 4 – 5 statistics which is really a big help.

Monday, December 27, 2010

NBA Fantasy 2010 – 11 Player Review: Carmelo Anthony

Rumors have been going on all over the NBA that Carmelo Anthony will be traded because he didn’t sign his contract extension. Will this affect his NBA fantasy contribution, you will find out in this player review. His performance in the fantasy league will be affected depending on the NBA team he will be traded to. If he will be traded in a team that has another superstar, his performance in the fantasy league might be affected a bit. But there is a positive effect and that would be an increase in his assists. But in general, the trade will not affect that much.

In the past few games he did not play because of the death of her sister. But this will make a good effect since he is well rested physically hopefully he will be 100% emotionally. In this NBA fantasy player review, you will see how explosive Carmelo Anthony can be. In the 2010 – 11 season, he increased his average in rebounds. He is also not a bad defensive player so he is also a complete package just like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. He is one of the elite players that can contribute to a fantasy team every game.

If you are looking for a fantasy player that can score, rebound, dish assists and plays a good defensive role he is the right player for your roster. Carmelo Anthony is more on a role playing type of player so he can contribute in your fantasy statistics in any field. Some NBA fantasy player review might say that he is a superstar. That is true, but if you look on how he plays in the court he is more than a superstar. He may not have those high average points but when look at his other statistics you can say that he is what you need.  

Thursday, December 23, 2010

NBA Basketball Fantasy Strategy: Key Players

If you cannot win in the different categories in a fantasy game you cannot win at all. Here is an NBA basketball fantasy strategy that you should try. This type of strategy is called the rotation of key players. It is not everyday that your key players will contribute in your weekly statistics so it is important that you can formulate a good rotation for your key players. You are allowed to have 13 players in your fantasy roster so you should obtain at least 7 to 8 key players so that you can have enough key players to contribute every game day.

You don’t need to obtain such players as Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade. But just in case you have one of these players, it is up to you if you will keep them or trade them with 2 key players. But if you want to keep you superstar, it is also possible as long as you make sure to find other key players in the free agent. In an NBA basketball fantasy strategy you should make sure that your strategy would be gaining under rated players that can really contribute a lot in any statistics. Here are some NBA players that would be really effective in a fantasy league and could become a key player.

BASED ON THEIR STATISTICS IN THE 2010 – 2011 SEASON (Oct. 27 – Dec. 23)
Point Guard:
Daniel Gibson (CLE) -----       13.8 PPG | 3.5 RPG | 3.0 APG | 2.0 3PM
George Hill (SA) ------              11.3 PPG | 2.5 RPG | 2.3 APG | 1.0 3PM
Jose Calderon (TOR) -----      10.0 PPG | 2.4 RPG | 7.0 APG | 0.9 3PM

Shooting Guard:
Shanon Brown (LAL) -----       10.3 PPG | 2.3 RPG | 1.2 APG | 1.5 3PM
Lou Williams (PHI) -----           11.8 PPG | 1.6 RPG | 3.4 APG | 1.1 3PM
Mike Dunleavy (IND) -----        12.2 PPG | 5.3 RPG | 2.1 APG | 1.7 3PM

Small Forward:
Mike Dunleavy (IND) -----        12.2 PPG | 5.3 RPG | 2.1 APG | 1.7 3PM
C.J. Miles (UTA) -----               12.3 PPG | 3.2 RPG | 1.8 APG | 1.4 3PM
James Jones (MIA) -----          07.3 PPG | 2.5 RPG | 0.7 APG | 2.0 3PM

Power Forward:
DeMarcus Cousins (SAC) --- 11.8 PPG | 7.5 RPG | 1.3 APG
Matt Bonner (SA) -----             07.0 PPG | 3.5 RPG | 0.9 APG | 1.9 3PM

In the Center position, just pick a player that would at least contribute 7 PPG, 6 RPG, 1 to 2 APG and at least 1 BPG. There are other players you can choose from in all the positions. Just make sure that they will have the same statistics as the players listed above.

This is one of the best strategies you can use in a fantasy league. There will be a lot of NBA basketball fantasy strategy but this will one of the most effective ones you can use. Another thing you should also remember is not to pick a player that is a substitute for a superstar. This will lessen his minutes especially during crunch time. The lesser the minutes, the less contribution a player can make. When it comes to consistency, the players listed above are consistent as superstars they only have a limited playing time that is why they are not as productive as superstars.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

NBA Fantasy 2010 – 11 Player Review: Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin
There are a lot of explosive players in the NBA and this is a big help in a Fantasy team. Blake Griffin can help you in 3 fields which are Field Goal Percentage, Rebounds and Points. He averages a double-double while shooting over 50 percent which is really a big factor. In this NBA fantasy player review you will be risking adding Blake in your roster because of his proneness to injury. Since he is a very explosive player, he drives to the basket so hard that he doesn’t care if he gets banged up real hard. His NBA statistics in NBA games is really impressive so injury will be the only problem. He is only in his second year in the NBA so expect more from him.

His offense is really great and when it comes to the defensive end he is not that bad since he can defend well and give you a couple of steals. Here is his statistics since October 27, 2010.

Blake Griffin – Power Forward (October 27, 2010 – December 4, 2010)
20.7 PPG | 11.6 RPG | 2.7APG | 0.7 SPG | 53.1 FG%

The Los Angeles Clippers don’t have any other dominant player in the Power Forward position so expect him to maintain this average this season. Blake Griffin’s player review is not 100 percent recommending having this player in your roster. You must consider that in the NBA games he is productive same with NBA Fantasy but he needs to learn more. His explosiveness in the court may affect his career because of his proneness to injury. Other than that, if you want to gamble on him he will be worth it. If you watched his previous games for sure you know this is a must player to add to your roster.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NBA Fantasy 2010 – 11 Player Review: Pau Gasol

There are only a few NBA players in the center position that has the ability to dish assists in a basketball game. There are dominant centers like Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh than can score and rebound but doesn’t distribute the ball well. Pau Gasol is one of the elite centers in the NBA and is very useful in an NBA fantasy team because of his passing skills. He averages a double-double and can even have at least 4 assists per game.

In an NBA player review you often see players at the center position being discussed. Most of the time, it is a point guard or a shooting guard that is featured or talked about. That is why it important to have a quality center in your fantasy roster. You will rely on your PG, SG and SF to give you good number is both offensive and defensive statistics but if you have a quality center, it will be an easy win for you.

Pau Gasol Statistics (Oct. 27, 2010 – Nov. 21, 2010)
22.8 PPG | 12.1 RPG | 4.1 APG | 1.7 BPG

As you can see in his statistics, he is active both offensively and defensively. From October 27, 2010 to November 21, 2010, he had a single digit in rebounds for only 3 times. And in 11 games he had a double-double in points and in rebounds. A player review of an NBA player is for the good of fantasy games. That is why Gasol is highly recommended as one of your centers for your roster.

There is no doubt that his statistics will not change until the end of the 2010 – 11 season. He has been healthy the whole start of the season. He may miss a couple of games but in general he is worth it. He is the strongest rebounder in Los Angeles Lakers and when it comes to assists, they have good finishers’ in Lakers like Kobe Bryant, where he can pass to. He is their main man when it comes to defense, and in the offensive side he is their post up player.

So don’t expect that his statistics will go down or even change.

Monday, November 22, 2010

NBA Fantasy 2010 – 11 Player Review: Raymond Felton

Raymond Felton - Player Review
With the new franchise player of the New York Knicks, their team made a good start for the 2010 – 2011 season. But the team won’t be that successful without a good court general. And they’ve done that with the help of their point guard Raymond Felton. In this NBA fantasy player review he was not ranked nor listed as one of the suggest picks in the start of the season.

It is important for an NBA fantasy player to at least excel in 3 statistics to help a team. This point guard didn’t only do that but he excelled in 5 statistics with quality numbers. He was never this productive in the past seasons that is why it is a surprise for the New York Knicks this season. When it comes to consistency, there is no doubt that he is very consistent. Maybe the addition of Stoudamire it allowed Raymond Felton to have more space when it comes to the offensive side.

He made it into this NBA fantasy player review because of 2 things, three points made and steals per game. He averages almost 2 three pointers made per game and also 2 steals per game which is really great for a NBA fantasy team. Here is a quick preview of the latest NBA statistics average of Felton.

Raymond Felton (Statistics from Oct. 27, 2010 – Nov. 22, 2010)
17.5 PPG | 4.1 RPG | 7.6 APG | 2 SPG | 1.8 3PM/G

In their game against the Los Angeles Clippers last Saturday (November 20, 2010) he listed 20 points, 7 assists, 7 steals and 1 blocked shot. This made him an all around player which is really good for a fantasy team. There are only a few players who make the NBA fantasy review since it is not often that a player would dominate in the court like this. An NBA fantasy game is a team game but it is also important for a player to excel in individual stats to make it easier for team owners to drop and add players.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

NBA Fantasy 2010 – 11 Player Review: John Wall

John Wall - Player Review
You are actually looking at a future Jason Kidd with the mix of Derrick Rose. He can score he can dish an assist and he can rebound. He has the athleticism like Derrick Rose that is why he is an effective slasher. His athleticism also allows him to dish more assists since he can drive the defense away from other players.

Washington Wizards is really lucky to get him at the first pick in the first round of the 2010 NBA draft pick. John Wall as a basketball fantasy player is really excellent. He can help you out in points, assists, steals and even rebounds. He is only in his rookie year so you will see a lot more from him in the NBA and in player review articles. The only problem for him right now is his health because he have been pushing his body to the limit.

John Wall was listed in the injured list (Day to Day) last November 16, 2010. He already missed 3 games so far and that is a big loss for NBA Fantasy players. To know what you are losing from him, this is his stats from October 27, 2010 to November 13, 2010.

John Wall (Oct. 27, 2010 – Nov. 13, 2010)
18.1 PPG | 4.0 RPG | 9.8 APG | 3.3 SPG | 0.9 3PM/G

He is one of the best Point Guards in the NBA and in player reviews today, almost averaging a double-double in his first season. He also contributes 3.3 steals per game which is a big loss for a basketball fantasy team. When it comes to a fantasy team it is easier to find a substitute for an offensive player but it is hard to find one for a defensive player.

He is not yet healthy to get back on the floor so he will be missing some games this week. Hopefully, when he would be listed again in the Washington Wizards line-up he would maintain a healthy body. It may affect his stats but because of his young legs, his stats won’t go down that much. Expect him to have a good final stats this 2010 – 11 season.

John Wall (NBA Fantasy Review stat average prediction for 2010 – 11)
17.5 PPG | 4.2 RPG | 9.0 APG | 2.5 SPG | 1.0 3PM/G

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NBA Basketball Fantasy Strategy: Domination

Since the game of NBA Fantasy is all about winning all the statistics, a good and effective way to win is by dominating. In a custom setting of a Basketball fantasy game there are 8 default statistics that you should win and those are Free throw percentage, Field Goal percentage, Points, Rebounds, Assists, Three Pointers Made, Steals and Blocks. If you can dominate 5 out of 8 statistics you can easily win the game.

Now how can you do that? There are players that can dominate in free throw percentage, assists, points and three points made. All you have to do is at least acquire 5 players that can dominate in these statistics. This is one of the best NBA fantasy strategies since you don’t have to monitor each player that you have in your roster. The only difficult thing in this fantasy strategy is the availability of players. But if you really want to win, you will have to sacrifice some of your players just to get these players.

Here is the list of players you should acquire:
PG – Steve Nash / Chauncey Billups
SG – Ray Allen / Kevin Martin
SF – Kevin Durant / Danny Granger
PF – Dirk Nowitzki / David West
C – Brook Lopez / David Lee

Now to check on their 2009 – 2010 statistics:


Steve Nash

Ray Allen

Kevin Durant

Dirk Nowitzki

Brook Lopez


Chauncey Billups

Kevin Martin

Danny Granger

David West

David Lee


If you have at least 5 of these players in your roster you will be able to get at least:
105 points per game, 30 rebounds per game, 19 assists per game, 6 three points made per game and a free throw percentage of at least 87 percent per game. This is only their average per game and a player would play at least 3 – 4 games per week. Not only that, you will have 8 other players that will contribute to the statistics.