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Saturday, December 4, 2010

NBA Fantasy 2010 – 11 Player Review: Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin
There are a lot of explosive players in the NBA and this is a big help in a Fantasy team. Blake Griffin can help you in 3 fields which are Field Goal Percentage, Rebounds and Points. He averages a double-double while shooting over 50 percent which is really a big factor. In this NBA fantasy player review you will be risking adding Blake in your roster because of his proneness to injury. Since he is a very explosive player, he drives to the basket so hard that he doesn’t care if he gets banged up real hard. His NBA statistics in NBA games is really impressive so injury will be the only problem. He is only in his second year in the NBA so expect more from him.

His offense is really great and when it comes to the defensive end he is not that bad since he can defend well and give you a couple of steals. Here is his statistics since October 27, 2010.

Blake Griffin – Power Forward (October 27, 2010 – December 4, 2010)
20.7 PPG | 11.6 RPG | 2.7APG | 0.7 SPG | 53.1 FG%

The Los Angeles Clippers don’t have any other dominant player in the Power Forward position so expect him to maintain this average this season. Blake Griffin’s player review is not 100 percent recommending having this player in your roster. You must consider that in the NBA games he is productive same with NBA Fantasy but he needs to learn more. His explosiveness in the court may affect his career because of his proneness to injury. Other than that, if you want to gamble on him he will be worth it. If you watched his previous games for sure you know this is a must player to add to your roster.

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