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NBA Fantasy News

This page is about the news all around the NBA. This news is not in general but these are the news that would be very important information for your NBA Fantasy League. News would vary from who's hot and who's not and from injured players around the NBA League. You will also find here some stat comparison from players which are traded most often.

Some of the information may not be 100 percent accurate since this is for the use of NBA Fantasy Leagues. If you want to know the real stories behind the camera you can visit ESPN or Yahoo Sports. But if you are looking for important news that would help you in your NBA Fantasy League, this is the right news page for you.

Welcome to the NBA Fantasy Review News Section.

NBA Fantasy Injured Player News

October 30, 2010
Injured players cannot help their own team to win in the NBA and it is just the same with NBA Fantasy Leagues. That is why it is important that you are updated to the list of players who are listed under the injured status. There are two types of injury stats. First is the DTD or Day to Day status, this players are injured but they can still play. But bad news here is that if the player is not tough enough or cannot sustain the pain of the injury, he cannot perform well. The second injury status is O or Out, this type of injury status is the worst type since the player would have to sit down in the bench wearing civilian clothes.

Players listed under DTD:
Danilo Gallinari (F/PF)
Ronny Turiaf (PF)
Stephen Curry (PG)
Jokaim Noah (C)
Brandon Rush (SG)
Gilbert Arenas (SG)
Mickael Pietrus (SG/SF)

Players listed under O:
Martell Webster (SF) - 4 to 6 weeks
Mehmet Okur (C) - No estimated date of return
Kendrick Perkins (PF/C) - No estimated date of return
Michael Redd (SG) - No estimated date of return
Delonte West (PG/SG) - No estimated date of return
Josh Howard (SF) - No estimated date of return
Jonny Flynn (PG) - No estimated date of return
Andrew Bynum (C) - No estimated date of return
Kenyon Martin (PF) - No estimated date of return
Troy Murphy (PF/C) - No estimated date of return
Mike Miller (SG/SF) - No estimated date of return
Carlos Boozer (PF) - No estimated date of return

November 12, 2010

Day to Day (DTD)
Danilo Gallinari
During one of the practice games of New York Knicks, Danilo already removed his wrist support. This was the first sign that he has already recovered from his injury.

Ronny Turiaf
He played in a couple of games but he only played a few minutes in their last game. He had to return to the locker room because of the pain from his injury.

Stephen Curry
In one of the games of Golden State Warriors, he re-injured his ankle but it seems that it is not bothering him at all.

Jokaim Noah
Jokaim is now removed from the DTD injured list.

Brandon Rush
After missing a few games he is now back in the line-up and is listing down a good start in the score board.

Gilbert Arenas
He not yet 100 percent okay.

Players listed under O (Out)
Martell Webster is listed back in the roster. But the rest are still listed under O

November 23, 2010

Day to Day (DTD)

Danilo Gallinari
He is back in his game and not listed in the injured list anymore.

Gilbert Arenas
He is slowly picking up the phase in the game.

Players listed under O (Out)
Udonis Haslem
After trying to get back from injury (DTD) his condition became worse and got listed under O

John Wall
He is now listed under O, hopefully he will be back late this week or early next week.