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Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 27 – 28 My NBA Fantasy Team Winning Streak

Only 2 days have passed since the start of the NBA and the NBA Fantasy League. And to tell you honestly, that is the hardest part of the game to win in an NBA Fantasy game since players will be unpredictable. But in my case I did a lot of player review and it seems to be successful. I never imagined that when I gambled to trade Tony Parker for Robin Lopez that I would get a very good start.

You will see in the attached photos my 2 game winning streak wherein both games have the score of 7 – 1 – 0. My team is San Andreas Shooters by the way. 

You will notice that he only won in the field of Field Goal Percentage and the rest of the stats; he only came close in the 3 pointers made. You will notice in my roster that my team is not a 3 point shooting team but I got players that can somehow contribute to that stat field.

As you can see in the second game, there is only a slight change since my team and the opponent’s team both have 2 players playing for that day. But you will notice that he didn’t even come close in the other stat categories.

This is my roster for the season 2010 – 2011. You will notice that I have only 4 explosive players and the rest are not that explosive. I will be doing some trades in the coming days since Udonis Haslem is showing a slow start. And another thing is that the team he is in right now (Miami Heat) has too much talent so his stats would really go down for the rest of the season.

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