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Sunday, October 31, 2010

NBA Fantasy 2010 – 11 Player Review: Monta Ellis

Yahoo Sports Point Guard ranking only ranked Monta Ellis number 10 in this list. I had Monta Ellis in my roster last NBA Fantasy season and I believe he helped me in a lot of stat categories. Points, FT percentage, Steals, Assists and Rebounds. He may not have that much assists as Rondo, Kidd and Nash but if you will try to look at the style of NBA Fantasy League you don’t need that much assists from a single player.

If you will review his last season’s average you will notice that he excelled in Points per game, assists per game, Steals per game and Rebounds per game.

Monta Ellis (2009 – 2010 Season)
41.4 mins/g | 75.3 FT percentage | 4 Rebs/g | 5.3 asts/g | 2.2 stls/g | 25.5 pts/g

If you have a point guard in your roster that can provide you with 26 points per game, 4 rebounds per game and 2 steals per game that is a hard point guard to find. And if you think he is slowing down this season well you are having the wrong mentality. He may be banged up in the last few weeks of the 2009 – 2010 season but he still tried to get in the court and provide precious stats. When it comes to Monta’s assists this season (2010 – 11) you will expect it to go high since David Lee is now acquired by Golden State Warriors.

NBA Fantasy Review Projection stats for Monta Ellis (2010 – 11 Season)
38 mins/g | 2.5 3PM/g | 4.5 rebs/g | 6.5 asts/g | 2.5 stls/g | 27 pts/g

He will probably increase in the number of 3 pointers made per game since he will have a lot of opportunity shooting those 3’s. He won’t hesitate to shoot since he knows that their team can control the boards. If you look at Monta Ellis, you will be reminded on Dwyane Wade’s stats. If you will compare, their stats are not that far from each other. And when it comes to health, Ellis’ health is better than Wade since he played more games than Wade last season. And if you will check the 2010 – 11 pre-season, Wade only played 3 minutes because of a pulled hamstring.

Monta Ellis (2009 – 2010 Season)
75.3 FT percentage | 4 Rebs/g | 5.3 asts/g | 2.2 stls/g | 25.5 pts/g
Dwyane Wade (2009 – 2010 Season)
76.1 FT percentage | 4.8 Rebs/g | 6.5 asts/g | 1.8 stls/g | 26.6 pts/g

If you don’t believe in this player review, well the stat comparison above will tell the whole story.

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