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Friday, October 29, 2010

NBA Fantasy 2010 – 11 Inconsistent Players

Ray Allen
I had Ray Allen in my team last season and I got disappointed. Good thing I was able to trade him with Steve Nash. There was a time last season when I needed at least 2 3 pointers made, 2 points and 1 assist. I was expecting that I would get that from Ray Allen but because of his inconsistent performance I didn’t get that. This player is awesome but he needs to be more consistent when it comes to stats.

Chris Paul
The reason why this player is inconsistent is because of his injury. I also had him in my roster last year but I had to drop him because he was injured most of the time. Hopefully this season he would perform well but as you can see in the news about him he is not yet 100 percent.

Steve Nash
It’s the same deal as Chris Paul; his reason for inconsistency is injury. There were games last season that he still played even he was listed as DTD. He only dished around 3 assists ands had 7 points which is not productive for NBA Fantasy league. It could be said that he would still be inconsistent this year because of his injury and age.

Dwyane Wade
He only played 3 minutes in the pre-season which is a clear sign of injury. But with his first 2 games it was only in the second game this season that he made a good start. But now that they have Lebron James and Chris Bosh in their line-up they might take a bit of the load from Wade which will make his stats go lower.

Danny Granger
An impressive player on the court but he is not that consistent. He can drop 30 points in a game and just make like 8 to 10 points in the next game. He also had some injury issue so when it comes to consistency you cannot rely on Danny Granger.

Carlos Boozer
They said that he like Karl Malone but the only difference is injury. Boozer suffered from an injury last season which pulled down his stats. This season hopefully he would be free from injury because that is the only thing that is pulling down his stats. If he would be healthy half way of the season, keep him in your line-up.

Yao Ming
In the first game that they played this season, signs of injury are already showing. So if you need some Rebounds, Blocks and Points in your team don’t pick Yao because he might not be able to get his stats from this season due to injury.

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