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Friday, November 5, 2010

NBA Basketball Fantasy Strategy

The real NBA game is far different from NBA Fantasy League especially when it comes to strategy. The main reason why it is far different, it’s because of how the total points are computed and used. In the real NBA games, the important thing for the team to do is to score more than the opponent. And that is only based on points and the other stats like assists, rebounds and steals are only incentive for players.

In NBA basketball fantasy league, you need to win in every stat that a player can contribute. This is also similar to football fantasy whether it is sponsored by Yahoo or ESPN. And a good strategy to use is the stat averaging.

Stat Averaging

What is a stat averaging? This is where you collect all the data from different players on your roster (all their stats) and compute their average. But if you are thinking that this is already available in Yahoo and ESPN, you will have to do something different with it. The different thing that you will have to do is to gather their stats in their last 3 games. Basketball fantasy is really tricky since there are some players that have an off night. On the other hand, there are also players that are very consistent.

What do to after getting the stat data and average (per 3 games)?

You will have to check the player’s consistency. If a player is consistent within every 3 games, you can keep that player in your roster. But if you notice that he is not that consistent, you might as well trade him. In football fantasy it is much harder, that is why this type of strategy will only be effective for NBA fantasy league.

Another strategy you can add is to be updated with injury reports. But you should be selective in monitoring player’s injury report. You should only monitor consistent players since you don’t really want to add an inconsistent player to your roster. When a player is injured (when the injury status is O) in basketball fantasy that player will be useless until he would be re-enlisted in the NBA roster. But for players who have DTD injury status, you should check again their stat average.

So if you are playing both basketball and football fantasy games, do not mix up strategies. It is better to have different types of fantasy games strategy in each fantasy game you play. This type of strategy in NBA fantasy league is really effective and you should try it out sometime.

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