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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My NBA Fantasy Team Win (First Week)

My opponent only came close in the stats Steals and Free Throw Percentage. But in the rest of the stats, he was really erased from the game. But if you will notice, the stats of my opponent are really not that bad. He got 822 Points, 40 three points’ made and 71 steals.

I got 11 three points’ made and 13 steals from Ron Artest. So if you have him in your team he is a keeper. When it comes to points, Luis Scola contributed 135 points and Carmelo Anthony contributed also 110 points. But that is not all; Luis Scola is also my top rebounder from last weeks contest. He contributed 74 rebounds and 15 assists.

Another hot streaking player is Daniel Gibson of Cleveland Cavaliers. He contributed 10 three points made, 26 assists, 7 steals and 90 points. So go and get him into your roster since he is not slowing down this season.

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