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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NBA Fantasy 2010 – 11 Player Review: Josh Smith

I had this guy in my roster in last year’s season (2009 – 2010) of NBA fantasy league. Honestly, I am sad that I didn’t have the chance to get him in my roster this year. Josh Smith helped me a lot in my last season games in both offensive stats and defensive stats. If you ask me, I can say that this guy is the perfect player for a Basketball fantasy game. There are only a few players that can perform an all around game and even average high on statistics.

Josh Smith Statistics (3 weeks)
15.1 PPG | 9.8 RPG | 4.1 APG | 2.9 BPG | 1.2 SPG

Now if you will look at his stats, it shows that he is really active offensively and defensively. This is what an NBA basketball fantasy team is looking for. And when it comes to consistency, he has 50 percent field goal accuracy. When it comes to his health you don’t have to worry since he is healthy all season. If you have him on your roster all you need now is to get a player who can boost your stats in points and assists. Josh can even provide you with 20 or more points in some games so you will need another player that averages around 15 – 17 points per game.

NBA basketball fantasy review doesn’t need to predict on Josh Smith’s 2010 – 11 stats in this player review. For sure he would maintain these good stats until the end of the season.  

Just to check on his consistency, this is stat average from the 2009 – 10 season.

Josh Smith (2009 – 2010 season)
15.7 PPG | 8.7 RPG | 4.2 APG | 2.1 BPG | 1.6 SPG

Just compare it yourself and he is almost the most consistent player in the NBA. Just for you to know, he can also grain it from down town. For the past few weeks he has made at least 1.3 three point basket per game. So if you are looking for quality, quantity, consistency and efficiency this is the right guy for your roster.

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